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GTA 6: When is Rockstar Games launching its new game in the series?

Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) is the subsequent installment of the gigantic GTA Series. The sport is presently beneath development through Rockstar Games, despite the fact that no legitimate facts approximate release date has been launched yet. It has been over six years for the reason that Grand Theft Auto V has been launched, so we are able to wish for a legitimate GTA 6 statement soon.

Is GTA 6 in process of development? It appears to be a foregone conclusion, really, for the reason that Red Dead Redemption 2 got here out years ago. Although Rockstar Games hasn’t formally showed that it is running on some other installment within-side the Grand Theft Auto franchise, it is inevitable.

In September, Rockstar tweeted out for fanatics to ‘live tuned’ for updates concerning GTA 6. Aside from that, though – or even then, GTA 6 wasn’t cited through name – it is been silent at the subject.

Believe it or not, it is been seven years for the reason that GTA five released on the tail of the PS3 and Xbox360 era of consoles. That’s a long time ago, and despite the fact that subsequent-gen greater variations of GTA 5 are at the way, GTA 6 is probable to be within-side the pipeline too.

With the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X rapid approaching, a statement will likely ought to wait till subsequent 12 months on the earliest. Most reviews advice that the video game remains in early improvement that means a launch date is probably an awesome even as away.

We nonetheless do not have legitimate affirmation and info is skinny at the floor however that hasn’t stopped us collating the fine bits of gossip, rumor and reality in your perusing pleasure. Here’s the whole thing we realize up to now approximately estimating the launch of GTA 6.

When Will GTA 6 Release? When is GTA 6 coming out? 

Rockstar Games have now no longer showed a launch date for GTA 6 yet, however the video game isn’t predicted to launch soon. From the recommendations we have seen, we should see GTA 6 launched in 2021 or 2022.

For what Platforms will GTA 6 be released?

GTA 6 will launch for the following technology of consoles, Sony’s PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. There’s an excellent hazard we are able to see a version of the video game for Windows PC and Google Stadia too.

Unfortunately for gamers having last gen consoles that may not get a subsequent-gen release, latest new well-known shows imply that Rockstar Games will now no longer be launching GTA 6 on PS4 and Xbox One. The subsequent GTA recreation will probably be subsequent-gen hardware exclusive.

GTA 6 PS5 exclusivity?

There are rumours that GTA 6 could be a timed PS5 exclusive upon release. Last year, Tweak-Town mentioned on a nameless press release on PasteBin that claimed that GTA 6 could be a timed PS5 exclusive only, liberating in “Holiday 2020”. That might imply GTA 6 might release along the PS5 and Xbox Series X. If this passed off it might be a big surprise, as we are now no longer realistically awaiting the video game each time soon – keeping in mind it is not coming this year.

The unique poster additionally claimed that “Sony paid ‘big money’ with a purpose to steady a 1-month PS5 offer”. It’s feasible GTA 6 can have PS5-exclusivity release content material like Red Dead Redemption 2 or for the matter of fact Uncharted series did, however a one month timed exclusive release on PS5 appears very discouraging.

What will happen to GTA Online in GTA 6?

What the destiny holds for GTA Online and the multiplayer component of GTA 6 continues to be up within-side the air: what is going to appear to GTA Online while Grand Theft Auto 6 comes out?

Rockstar basically considers GTA Online its very own game, regardless of requiring Grand Theft Auto V to be played. To at the moment Rockstar continues to be including new GTA Online Vehicles and customization features. And with the great achievement that GTA Online proved to be, there may be no question that we can see it keep in a few form or shape as a part of GTA 6.

Will the contemporary new release of GTA Online convey over into GTA 6, or will gamers must begin a new? And if so, how will the brand new multiplayer online world enjoy be called? Simply “GTA 6 Online”, “GTA Online 2”, or something else or different altogether.

Could the GTA 6 model of GTA Online be an accelerated global that still consists of GTA V’s San Andreas in conjunction with the GTA 6 Locations?

For now, most of these questions continue to be unknown, however we are hoping greater information about each the net and single-participant quantities of Grand Theft Auto VI are discovered soon.

Reports of early development shows that Grand Theft Auto 6 is within-side the early degrees of its making if a brand new record from Kotaku is something to head by. In the record that is basically following up at the cultural adjustments which have taken a front seat at Rockstar after a preceding research into crunch on the studio, Kotaku has touched at the studio’s future, together with the reality that studio control has mentioned a plan for “a brand new access within-side the Grand Theft Auto series”.

The record is going on to mention that this new installment is deliberate to be a “reasonably sized release” (so, probable nonetheless quite big) with a purpose to be “improved with normal updates through the years”. The wish is this method will reduce strain and crunch.

It’s really well worth noting, though, that the record emphasises that the video game remains within-side the very early development/improvement degrees so plans may want to pretty without difficulty ex-trade through the years because the improvement technique evolves.

We are really excited for GTA 6, and we can’t wait to update you on everything about the upcoming GTA game.

What do you expect the most from Grand Theft Auto VI? Let us know!!

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