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Google-Verizon Teams Up to Offer Next-Gen Cloud Gaming Experience

Recently, Verizon announced teaming up with Google Stadia to deliver the best games with top speeds. Verizon Fios is a 100% optic fiber connection that offers a high amount of data transfer with faster speeds than most. 

As online games and Internet speed goes hand in hand in this new age. Hence, Verizon and Google are offering a Stadia Premier Edition with every new Gigabit connection starting from 29 January.  

Each Stadia Premier Edition comes with a controller, a 3-month Stadia Pro subscription with 4k/60fps access for free. Also, it offers Chromecast for a seamless experience on your existing TV.

What is Google’s New Project Stadia?

Google recently launched a cloud base gaming Project named “Stadia”. It lets you dive right into a game without any heavy physical hardware requirement. The gaming platform is so simple, you dont have to own any CD nor worry about them.

With Stadia, you can play games anywhere in your existing devices over WiFi. That’s right, it works on all the basic hardware that you or your friends already own. This includes your TV, desktop, laptop, selected tablets, and even Pixel phones.

Generally, all devices that support the Chrome browser can run Stadia in it. Also, with cloud gaming, you dont need to worry about downloading or installation of any games. If your Internet allows, it can run games in 4K resolution seamlessly on your device. That’s why partnering with Verizon Fios is important as it is the perfect platform for gamers and multimedia users.

How Does Google Stadia Work?

Google Stadia basically streams games without rendering any physical copies on a remote server instead of your local device. The game is then streamed to any of your devices over WiFi, while the input on the controller is sent back to its cloud servers.

You can access Google Stadia by using a remote PC or buying its subscription plans. Google offers subscription plans for Stadia Pro at $10/month. It comes with complimentary free games, 4K streaming and also 5.1 surround sound.

What is Fios?

Fios is a product of Verizon, one of the leading telecommunication companies known for its 4G and 5G wireless connections. So, Fios along with Verizon provides a true fiber-optic network that can transfer high amounts of data at lightning speeds. 

With its true network quality, it provides seamless streaming and a clear digital voice.

Key Points of Fios

  1. Comes with FiosTV for ultimate TV content streaming
  2. True digital voice quality
  3. Flexible installation with a fast and reliable Internet connection

How will Fios Help Stadia Achieve Cloud Gaming?

Fios provides some best services and features for playing games and streaming multimedia content. To achieve smooth streaming and gaming experience, Stadia needs a reliable partner like Verizon Fios. 

With some of the features that highlight Fios in the streaming business, this makes it one of the best companions for Stadia.

  1. Fios provides fast and reliable Internet service. It can stream with zero buffer and practically lag-free environment. Along with that, it uploads and downloads your content in a jiffy.
  2. Verizon is one of the leaders in technology and communication. It offers true and clear digital voice connections, which can be very helpful while communicating in a game. 
  3. Stadia requires a heavy download of in-game files and other content. Fios, with its large bandwidth strength, can download multiple heavy contents simultaneously. 

With the surge of cloud gaming, Verizon Fios with all its best features would come up as a reliable partner for Google-owned Project Stadia.

What Games Can We Play in Stadia?

With a Stadia subscription, you can play all the games that are available in their library. Although the library of Stadia is new and Google is constantly adding new games. But, the best thing about getting a subscription is that you dont need to update your hardware with the latest specifications all the time.

Google Stadia lets you instantly purchase and stream your games without any fuss. It also enables the users to download and install the games on any of their preferred screens. 

Some of the popular games like Assasins Creed, Attack on Titan 2, Destiny 2, Mortal Kombat 11, Red Dead Redemption 2, and many others are available in Stadia. 

How to Sign Up and How Much Does it Cost?

Fios Gigabit connections come with a monthly package of $79.99. With every new connection, Verizon offers a brand new Fios home router that comes with WiFi 6 technology. Alongside Fios connection, you can also opt for its TV package service, which lets you choose the channel you love.

Once you get a connection, Verizon provides you with a User ID and password. By navigating to its official website, you can easily sign up/register with its Fios service. You just have to provide the necessary details and follow the on-screen steps.

You can also download their My Fios official app to know more about Fios Gigabit and how to get a free Stadia.

So, Google teaming up with Verizon will boost the next-gen cloud gaming experience. Besides, Stadia following the trend of cloud gaming is also a great step towards the future of the gaming industry. 

It is said that Verizon Fios with its high-speed data and reliability will serve as a backbone to Google-led Project Stadia in the coming future.