How to Fix Avast Slowing Down Internet issues ?

In this recent era, Avast slowing down the internet is a major query among the Avast users. As the Avast utilizes the Web Shield to monitor all network-oriented activities & it is what also influences the internet speed. So, if you’re enquiring on the same subject, you come to the right place. Here, in this guide, you’ll get the complete guidance regarding the Avast slowing down internet issue. Moreover, you’ll get to know certain stunning tricks by which you can fix this problem immediately. Therefore, keep your eyes on this guide till the end.

Why Avast Slowing Down Internet?

As we all are aware of the fact that Avast is one of the popular names among the antivirus Software available around the market. This software functions too well to keep your PC secured from traditional threats. But, because of its slowing down internet problem, several users get worried about it. Well, if you’re one of them, simply check out the under mentioned section to recognize the possible reasons behind it.


  • The activeness of Web Shield along with other security-oriented activities.
  • The website which you desire to access is full of danger
  • Browser version incompatibility with the software
  • Inappropriate network connection types or components with Web Shield or Avast antivirus in particular.
  • Damaged or Corrupt Avast antivirus data & files.

Well, no matter what the actual situation, after checking out this guide hopefully, you’ll be able to fix the problem efficiently. Therefore, let’s continue the process as stated below to resolve the Avast slowing down internet problem.

Avast Slowing Down Internet Error Fix with Effective Guidance:

Well, if you’re worrying about & searching for some reliable solution to resolve the Avast slowing down internet problem, then try the underlying fixes. Today we’ve shared a few troubleshooting tricks which aren’t only simple to perform but also very effective in troubleshooting connection speed issues. Therefore, without further delay check it out.

Fix 1: Modify or Adjust the Avast Web Shield Settings

It is the very primary thing that people can try to fix the Avast error. Try the fix and verify whether it resolves the issue.

  • Initially, invoke the Avast application on your PC
  • The locate & initiate the Avast antivirus user interface window, & tap on the option named Menu, that looks like a box with 3 horizontal lines. This is situated on the top left-hand corner.
  • Afterwards, check out the available options, select the Settings> Components. It’ll invoke a window with a Web Shield panel.
  • Once the Web Shield panel comes up on the display screen, you will find an option as Customize, tap on it.
  • Next, follow the on-screen instructions to understand the functions of each setting which we’re going to describe now.

Intelligent Stream Scan

The main functionality of intelligent stream scanning is to scan the data and files constantly while they’re getting installed. Well, if the setting is turned on, it might be the case for which you are encountering the Avast error. And if it is the case, make sure to disable the settings. And for this purpose, head over to the Main settings section that is the Customize window. After that, here you will find a checkbox that is located beside the “Use intelligent stream scanning” turn off it, to restrict the settings. Here, using the browser, verify if the problem gets resolved. And in the exceptional case, turning off the “Use intelligent stream scanning” checkbox can slow down  browsing even more. Therefore, make sure you are well aware of the entire situation, and then make the decision, whether you require keeping the setting active or not.


When it comes to Avast, HTTPS scan acts to protect the device from spyware, malware attack that gets installed through the HTTPS connection. And if this is in the active state, then this might worsen the internet speed. Therefore, if you desire to get high-speed internet, be sure to disable the setting. When you turn off the Settings, the File Shield will scan everydownloaded file before running it. Therefore don’t be worried to turn off the checkbox beside “Enable HTTPS scanning”, that you will find under the Main settings parts from the Customize window.

Heuristic Sensitivity

Well heuristic sensitivity scans code for spyware, malware & thus protects your device from these kinds of defects. But, in certain cases, it also slows down the internet speed. Therefore, if you’re really concerned about the high internet speed rather than the security, then are sure to turn it off from the Customize window that you’ve already invoked in your device. So, from the Customize window, heading over the Sensitivity section will get the checkbox for Use code emulation; turn it off along with the Heuristic sensitivity bars.

Once you’ve changed all the above-mentioned settings, don’t forget to reboot your device & then verify if the issue gets resolved & the internet speed enhances as you desire.

Fix 2: Update your Browser to its Most Advanced Version

So, if you’re using a browser version that isn’t properly compatible with Avast, it might be the main cause for which you’re finding the Avast slowing down internet problems. In order to verify if it is the case, you require to update the browser to its most advanced version first. The instructions to proceed to update the browser are cited below.

  • At the very first place, invoke the browser.
  • Afterwards, navigate to the browser menu, which is usually situated at the top extreme right-hand corner. And the menu icon usually appears with the 3 parallel lines that are either horizontal or vertical.
  • Afterwards, go to the browser menu, tap on the option named “Help”, it will begin browsing the internet for its most advanced version. This might take about a few minutes in order to get finished.
  • And when the browser gets the update, reboot your device & verify if the problem gets fixed. We hope your answer would be Yes this time.

Fix 3: Uninstall & then Reinstall Avast Antivirus

Though it looks not to be the most perfect solution for Avast slowing down internet oriented problems. However, a few users said that they fixed the issue by reinstalling the Avast antivirus. Therefore, if the above mentioned methods fail to resolve the issue, then try this one as well. Let’s move on.

Uninstall Avast

In the very first place, invoke the Control Panel window. And to do this, press the Windows button & invoke the search bar. Once the search bar comes up, simply enter control & tap on the top-most result from the search result.

Here, you need to verify the View by section, is it set as the Category or not. In case if the view by section isn’t set as the Category, then check out the drop-down menu & choose the option named Category option from the list.

Then, go towards the transformed Control Panel window, choose the Programs & then hit the Programs & features.

By choosing on the Programs & features, you can invoke the window, in which you will find your entire device installed programs list.

And, from this installed programs list window, locate and choose the Avast antivirus. Right tap on it. Afterwards, choose Uninstall> Uninstall to confirm the process.

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So when the Avast software gets uninstalled, reboot your device for the very next process.

Reinstall Avast

Here, as the device gets on, attach it with internet service, & if you haven’t involved the automatic connection.

When your PC is properly connected to the internet, utilizing a browser head over to the Avast antivirus download page. Now, simply get the most advanced version of Avast, & move on to download.

And while installing the new updates make sure there is no disturbance should take place. When it gets installed, head over to its location.

Hit the Avast setup file & then follow the on-screen instructions in order to finish the whole Avast installation task successfully.

And after you reinstall the Avast antivirus, reboot the device to get a better experience from this method. We hope you’ve successfully fixed the slowing down internet problem due to Avast.

And all these are the most useful procedures, following them you’ll be able to resolve the Avast slowing down internet issue. If the error still appears, then the most convenient way to resolve the Avast error is to opt for professional’s assistance. For further information regarding troubleshooting connection speed issues, you can also visit our official website!