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12 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools Available

Many users or businesspeople on social media want to monitor the audience to find out more about their behavior on various pages. This is specifically useful when concerned with your products and services on your social media page.

So, with social media monitoring tools, you can easily obtain these statistics. After evaluating the statistics, you can analyze how you should promote your products on social media. 

These tools can benefit you by increasing sales and tracking certain things like keywords, URLs, and hashtags with these monitoring tools.

The below section consists of the 12 best social media monitoring tools.

  • Keyhole

This tool comes first when you think about social media monitoring tools globally. Keyhole is outstanding when you consider Instagram and Twitter accounts. For example, you can go through the statistics of the keywords, usernames, hashtags, URLs, and much more. 

You can notice the real-time data through this tool. Besides, you will be able to view the historical statistics as well. With the help of the heat map, you can monitor all the activities worldwide.

  • Twitter Counter

If you are a regular user of Twitter and use the account to reach your consumers, then Twitter Counter is the most recommended tool. It tracks your Twitter statistics. Moreover, you can track all the Twitter accounts of your audiences with this tool. 

Additionally, this social media monitoring tool provides you with widgets and buttons to add them to the media. These additional features help you to track the number of followers on your Twitter account. 

Also, you can observe the mentions, data, and retweets through the Twitter Counter tool. It allows the user to add multiple accounts as well. This helps those who have numerous accounts on Twitter. So, if you install the Twitter Counter tool, you can store all the records by saving the data as .pdf files. 

  • TweetReach

Here is another Twitter-related media monitoring tool. The name explains its activity quite well. If you have to see how many users reach you, TweetReach should be your top choice. However, this tool can also measure the impact of your discussions on Twitter. 

Besides, you can add up the most influential followers on Twitter by following the discussions. The more you connect to the right users or people, the more your business will develop. 

So, using this TweetReach tool ultimately benefits you. You must deliver your products and services to those followers for a strong build-up.

  • Hootsuite

Hootsuite belongs to the premium family of the best social media monitoring tools. You can use this single tool over social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. 

Besides that, you can manage all those social media accounts in a single place. You can even monitor the user handling different media through this Hootsuite tool.

  • Digimind

Digimind helps you determine the type of keyword you are considering for your business. With this tool, you can check whether the perception of a certain keyword is positive, neutral, or negative. 

The tool lets you reveal customer behavior by analyzing how they perceive the brand or product.

  • Klout

Regarding Klout, you will find people who are divided into two teams. One team doesn’t like this social media monitoring tool at all. At the same time, the other team is in love with this tool. So, the decision is a bit controversial. You can choose this tool if it matches your taste or monitoring requirements.

There are some complaints about Klout that the statistics are often inaccurate. But you can fine-tune the posts on Twitter, especially to enable optimum engagement. However, this tool helps to understand how the users think of your services. Thus, you can improve your brand’s perception and impress the audience.

  • Simply Measured

If you have to keep track of different metrics, then you can select the paid version for the Measured tool. As it is partially non-paid, you can use the tool to generate free reports regarding Google+, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

This tool shows you the competitor’s fan pages, customer service metrics, Instagram, Facebook engagements, etc. 

  • Sprout Social

Sprout Social is another popular monitoring tool for boosting social media presence and engaging visitors. It increases the audience engagement with you and keeps them updated about your product, business, or services. 

In addition to this, you are free to publish posts from the Dashboard of Social Sprout. It also allows you to collaborate with others in your team. 

  • Zoho Social

You can post unlimited content over your social media accounts with assistance from Zoho Social. With this social media monitoring tool, you will be able to analyze the statistics of user performances. The conversations on your account can be tracked from the dashboard as well.


You can be consistent with your business agendas on various social media sites if you use This tool has a team collaboration feature, allowing you to utilize the scope for social marketing. We hope you will like this tool for its simple user interface and efficacy.

  • Buzzlogix

If you consider Buzzlogix, you can listen to all the buzz over your social media platforms about your services. You can overview and manage the statistics in real time. Also, it enables you to keep an eye on others. So, you will know what people and your competitors are talking about your products. 

You can directly reply using the Buzzlogix dashboard if a keyword gets mentioned. This tool is quite amazing if you have to interact with the entire community. Besides, anyone can use this tool for a test. If you want to test it first, the free trial version is available for this tool.

  • Buffer

Using Buffer, you can maintain the schedule for posting the reports. According to your preference, the reports will be posted within the schedule and to the right social media site. Buffer is great for managing fan and group pages on Facebook. Even LinkedIn users can use it too.

Almost all company pages need this social media monitoring tool to analyze what’s working and whatnot.

So, these are some of the excellent monitoring tools on the Internet. You can compare these and pick the best tool.