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PNews is here to empower the world with online news. We have editors who are working 24X7 to deliver you the right news at the right time. Our duty is to keep you updated with all the recent news, high-tech specs, entertainment 365 days in a row. All the dedicated members of our team are determined to serve you the best.

Our Mission

The main mission of our agency is to provide the right information to people, without adding colors to the news. Not only information, but you can also discover a lot of entertainment on our website. You can choose the topic on which you are more interested. But why would you follow us?

Well, there is not only one reason. The news are reported by our truth-seeking journalists. The news stories are presented to you with a story-telling view. There is hardly a moment when you can find the news boring and monotonous on our webpage.

 The journalists narrate the news in the same way that the event took place. Even, the journalists associated with us try to explain not just what happened but also why it happened.

Besides the journalists, the team of designers and technicians involved in this mission, are really hard working. They find you the most suitable way for how the news can get presented to you. 

You can access PNEWS whenever you want, across the world. The news is now not bound to any specific medium. Discover all the recent updates of your surroundings with just a click on your computer, smartphone, etc devices.

Moreover, you can expect a new standard of excellence with the quality of our news along with its delivery. You can enjoy the content on our website with your family, colleagues, and communities. You can lead a betterment of your lives with PNEWS.

Our Services

Explore numerous services provided by our committed journalists, correspondents, executives, designers, and technicians. They try to serve you the news the way you like to experience. You can live the news with the art of news. Check out what we serve you.

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PNEWS.org is now available on your mobile devices. Go through the recent happenings across the globe with our website. You can enjoy the news with proper images. Even you can watch news live with the streaming video option. The news is not now restricted to only newspapers and televisions. The news reaches to you where you are now, through us.

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You can now communicate with us. Ask a query about anything of your interest, our writers will definitely respond to you. Whether it’s a tech spec or a review about any gadget, you get all the answers. Register your email address with us to get updated about this service, more.

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You can now share your story or news on our website. The news may get published if our editors think it is worthy. They will examine the circumstances with valid proofs so that others can also go through the news.

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Go through the Privacy Statement of us to protect your privacy in a better way. You can make choices of your own while surfing the news on our website.

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We respect all the norms and regulations of copyright policies. PNews has launched a copyright policy to prevent the copying of the contents. According to the policy, subscribers can get a termination if they post copied information. If you think that your work has gotten copied, you can reach us.

Along with the copyright norms, the accused may have to pay a penalty due to presenting the information in a wrong way. Valid proofs against the accused one are enough to state a penalty against him or her.

The complaining party has to show us enough proofs to prove that the accused has cross the limits of the copyright rules.