A Glimpse of Tag Heuer: What You Should Know About This Timepiece

Quality, functionality, and we arability are just some of the traits that make society adopt a brand of clothing and accessory. However, it is the history, humble beginnings, and milestones that turn a market product into a trademark. The company was started in 1860 by its founder Edouard Hueur already as a competitive watchmaker in Switzerland. He was known for the high quality of his watches and invented the Oscillating Pinion. A key component used in a Chronograph (a watch with a high functioning stopwatch) even to this day, that allows it to function by a simple push of a button. It is an invention that paved the way for the watches we have today.

When it comes to innovation, Tag Heuer is considered one of the greatest pioneers. Inventions made by the company marked different significant breakthroughs in watch history, not only revolving around watch mechanisms but also in watch design. One of which is the Tag Heuer Link

If you’re interested in taking into account the innovations by Tag Hueur, then below are the most noteworthy events in watchmaking history by the company: 

Early Innovations 

The watch family business was soon adopted by his grandson Jack Hueur, who made his first contribution at the age of 15, when the President of Abercrombie and Fitch, requested Jack’s father to create a watch that shows the time of low and high tides over two weeks. With the help of Jack’s Physics Teacher, the timepiece was invented and known as the Solunar. It is best for fishermen and men at sea to predict the tides. Later on, the timepiece was innovated into a tide-predicting watch with a chronograph, called the Mareograph.

Impact on Sports and Films

Jack Hueur’s impact would soon continue on the field of Sports and Cinema when he revolutionized the Chronograph and created the Mikrograph, which has up to 1/100th second accuracy. By 1971 Jack was able to have both Cinema, and Sports stars wear the Heuer brand. Most famous of which is Steve Mcqueen, who starred in the movie Le Mans. 

The Calibre 11 Movement

By the 1960s, technology became more advanced, and self-winding chronographs not only a possibility. To produce it, Jack agreed and partnered with other watch companies. The company worked on creating the first automatic Chronograph, known today as The Monaco. These advancements in watch technology by the Tag Heuer, however, did not mean they were left behind in the area of design. The Monaco was then the first chronograph watch designed in a square frame that watch collectors and enthusiasts love to date. 

The Tag Heuer Link: An Innovation in Design

The Tag Heuer Link became one of the many innovations of the company when it comes to design. First appeared during 1987, named as S/el, which stands for sports elegance. In 1999, the name was changed to Link to emphasize the distinct S-shaped links used in the bracelet. The watch was revamped several times before until it finally reached its sophisticated look today. 

The Tag Heuer Link is very much far away from the retro vibe, and now it wears a modern look, with a cushion-shaped bezel and a bracelet that flows seamlessly into your hand. It has a polished, fine-brushed stainless steel and butterfly clasp and is an epitome of comfortability and style. The Link gives its wearer a sleek, dressy, casual look at the same carries a hint of an active lifestyle. If you’re looking for a watch that lets you be comfortable and be stylish at the same time, then Tag Heuer Link is perfect for your wrist.

Where To Buy A Tag Heuer Timepiece? 

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To Sum Up

All in all, the rich culture behind the brand makes any owner of a Tag Heuer watch a proud bearer of watch history and innovation. We never know when the next innovation would come from, but there’s no question that Tag Hueur will come up with a revolutionary watch that will certainly impress us, and with the help of Watch shopping, you’re sure to have a hold of any new watch in the market along with a prompt, quality service that every watch lover surely looks forward to the experience.