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AC Repair & Maintenance

7 Essential Guides for Maintaining an Air Conditioner

AC gives you the ultimate relaxation in a hot and humid environment. But, if you think that it will keep on providing the same service, year after year, then you need to rethink. It requires maintenance every year to stay in a perfect workable condition. Mainly people service their AC machine in the winter season when it is not in use. 

AC Maintenance Dubai is always at your service to repair and maintain your AC. The AC experts and professionals suggest that if you neglect your AC machine, then it might lead to a huge problem that can cost a fair amount of money. 

Important Things to Know

Before learning about the maintenance procedure, you must know some of the essential aspects of your AC machine, whatever brand it may be, maybe split or compact. Most of the people have split AC in their homes. If you have a compact AC, then it is too vintage, and you need to replace it as soon as possible. 

After that, you have to know all the necessary sections such as coils, filters, fins, drains, and others. Getting a brief idea about these items will help you to resolve minor problems on your own. You will not have to call the people for AC service and maintenance and repairs. 

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Methods for Maintaining your AC

Now, it is time to learn how to maintain your AC. If you want, you can do it all by yourself with a little pro-intervention. Else, there are several AC experts, and you can hire AC Installation Dubai for working it out. 

1. Turn Off the Machine 

It is the most basic method that you have to do. If the AC is On, then there is a high probability of hurting yourself by getting an electric shock. That is why you have to turn off the AC first. If you are planning to have a maintenance service during the winter season, then you can simply rely on the experts. 

2. Eliminate the waste materials 

After running for a longer period of time, the AC will usually get accumulated with dust and debris. So, it is your sole duty to clean them up. Unscrew the outer unit of the AC and open the fan located inside. 

Now, clean the fan with a piece of cloth. After that, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust and dirt inside the unit. If you want, you can take the help of AC maintenance Dubai service. 

3. Brush Up the AC fins 

There is also some more work to do with the outer unit of the AC. After removing the dust and debris, now it is time to clean up the fins. Fins are the metalized net-like structure that allows the moisture to be regulated out of the room. Never use any type of detergent or liquid soap for cleaning the fins. 

AC fins cleaners are easily available in the market. Get one for you, open up the bottle and spray it around the entire unit. Wait for some time and wipe it with a cloth. Moreover, do not use water as the fins are made up of iron that can catch rust. 

4. Repair Tampered or Broken AC fins 

After the successful cleaning process, now you have to check for the broken, bent, or tampered fins. As the fins are very much delicate, you opt for AC maintenance Dubai service. There, they can help you with fixing the AC fins. Read the information very carefully and then start work. 

Now, gather the necessary tools and equipment, slowly and gently straighten the bent fins one by one. Make sure that you don’t damage any of them as a single damaged fin can affect your AC. 

5. Look upon the Level Unit

The level unit is one of the important devices where the condenser is located. As time goes on, it collects specks of dust and dirt. This can cause the failure of the compressor. So, in order to avoid this kind of situation, you need to check the condenser level. 

If the level is high, you have to lower it by using the hot-resistance shims. Somehow, if the condenser level falls during the time of winter season, you have to defrost it. You can also take the help of the AC experts associated with AC maintenance Dubai. 

6. Check the inner components 

As all the task of the outer unit is complete, now you have to give prior attention to the interior of the AC. First, let’s focus on the evaporator coil. It is located inside the blower. In other words, the blower is also called the furnace unit. 

Remove the necessary coverings by opening the screws, nuts, or bolts. Now you will be able to see the coils. Clean them with a coil cleaner solution. Several cleaners are available in the market, and you can use them. In addition to that, you can also make a home-based solution.

Simply, just prepare a mixture of liquid soap and hot water. You can also add a little bit of bleaching powder to it. Now, clean up the water drainage system. You can also use a drain pan system for long-term use. This will also restrict the growth of bacteria and algae. 

7. Replace the blower filter 

You must change the blower filter at least two times a year. The AC Repair Dubai always recommends people to change the filter at the starting of the summer season. Further, you must buy the filter with the exact same rating of the airflow. 

Locate the filter near the starting point of the duct unit. You might need tools to open the filter covering. Take out the old filter and re-insert the new one. Now, attach all the necessary screws to its desired place. After that, turn On the AC.