Factors When Choosing The Right Data Center
Factors When Choosing The Right Data Center

6 Key Factors When Choosing The Right Data Center

Information has become such an important element in today’s world. Data is such a precious commodity, influencing companies to focus on data and its use. Some sources have even stated that data has become more expensive than oil. The craze about data today that was not present in the past is due to the fact that we currently have the technology to actually process and make use of the data to make meaningful analysis that can make or break businesses.

For this purpose, companies have had to rely more and more on data centers to house their data. However, there are different kinds of Orlando data center options to choose from and each company has to evaluate their needs when it comes to data storage and analysis.

6 Key Factors When Choosing the Right Data Center

  1. Viability

Companies can rely on other companies that specifically provide data center solutions. Just like how you would trust a company for a certain good or service, you would like to do a little research to see if that company is a good one.

When it comes to data center needs, longevity is a very important factor as it would be more costly to switch data centers every now and then. If you plan on trusting a data center with your business, you should first check if the data center has been up for a long time because that would speak of its viability and its potential means of lasting for quite a while. At the very least, you will be using the data center for 5 years before considering other options.

  1. Location

Like in real estate, location is everything. Although data can be transferred nowadays through the internet in mere seconds, why would location be important? Well, there are types of data that are not recommended to be sent online. Thus, having a nearby data center would be more convenient and cost-effective for the IT personnel that might have to travel back and forth between the office and the data center.

Location is also important to consider when it comes to natural disasters. When your offices are in an area that is prone to natural disasters like earthquakes, then it might be safer to find a data center away from the area. As mentioned, data is very important and some businesses can lose significant amounts of money just by having a small period of downtime when it comes to their data.

  1. Security

In today’s age, data is gold which means you have to keep it safe no matter what. Interestingly, although data is intangible, it can be protected by both physical and digital means.

When it comes to physical security, it is important to be in business with a data center that is well equipped with security systems such as CCTV cameras and security guards. Monitored access is also highly important when it comes to data centers.

A person with malicious intent can do a lot of damage if they find their way inside these data centers. Aside from security from these types of attacks, data centers can also have security against natural disasters such as  fires.

In terms of digital security, data centers have to be equipped with proper firewalls and digital security systems that would protect data from digital attacks such as viruses and hackers. Access to data center software has to be highly secure and data transfer of any kind has to be encrypted to the highest levels.

  1. Equipment

The best data centers are the ones that are equipped with the best tech. However, a data center can make do as long as the tech they have are the right ones. For example, data centers have to be equipped with the right climate control facilities to be able to run the equipment smoothly. An inferior HVAC system will possibly lead to damage and worse – data loss.

  1. Reliability

Reliability is an important factor to look into when considering data centers because you’d want a data center that is prepared for everything. For example, a backup generator is a must because all the equipment and the data they’re running require electricity.

With companies and businesses relying on the data running on these servers, they must be confident that they can continue to operate even during power outages. Redundancy systems are a must and show that data centers are serious when it comes to their reliability.

  1. Scalability

What are the current capacities of the data centers you are looking into? This is an important question because businesses operate at their limits but they are always striving to become a bigger entity than they were a day ago.

Businesses have to be scalable which means that the data centers that they should choose are ones that are able to scale up with them. As the business becomes bigger and better, can the data centers keep up?


Aside from the six factors listed above, there are always more factors that you can look into when you are finally looking around and researching more on the topic. Data centers have become crucial components of any modern business and choosing the right one for your business can mean the difference between a success and a failure.