5 Reasons Why Your Next Investment Should Be on Smart WiFi Routers

The application of WiFi routers merely for accessing the internet on your laptop or smartphone has long been replaced. Now is the time when customers are looking for something that is strong enough to cater to all the needs of a smart home system whether it be security cameras or a smart lamp.

If you are a little late to the party, catch up here on all the reasons why you should consider getting yourself a smart WiFi router.

10/10 For Aesthetics

When the entire focus of manufacturing industries was on delivering good service, little attention was paid to the design of the device. However, now customers are more inclined towards products that can enhance the aesthetics of their home as well.

If you compare the development that has taken place in the past 15 years, you would observe that smart WiFi routers are not as giant as their counterparts. They won’t take much place on the shelf. In fact, some of these can be placed vertically, making them almost undetectable in the room.

They Provide Easy Management For All The Connected Devices

Luckily, you don’t need a PhD in programming anymore to understand how smart WiFi routers work. Their advanced settings are easily accessible and you can manage the network-connected devices without being a pro-tech person.

We can consider the example of Netgear or Luma routers. These devices let you control who can access the network, set parental controls to limit internet activity for your kids, pause the network if needed, and control which devices can get online.

Top In Competition When It Comes To Better Coverage

What’s the point of having a good router if you still have to deal with a number of dead spots and dead zones around the house. This means you will continue dealing with a signal interruption when moving around the house.

As we all know, a router is useless without a fast internet. So, we compiled an ultimate guide to give you the difference between the best internet provider spectrum mobile vs verizon.

Coverage issues have been well taken care of with the advent of Smart WiFi routers. These come with additional external antennas, such as a Google OnHub router with 13 antennas, that can send out signals in all directions even if you have tucked them to a corner in the house.

Smart WiFi Routers Ensure That You Are Safe At All Times

The Internet network is a very easy target for hackers who wish to compromise the security and privacy of your computer. Previously, customers could safely install an antivirus program to deal with this threat. However, since the internet is now used on devices like smartphones and tablets, protection against privacy breaches is not that strong.

This changed with the launch of Smart WiFi routers when the manufacturers installed new security protocols. They even introduced features that stopped tracking companies from keeping an eye on your online activities.

They Have a Simpler Troubleshooting Process

Routers can often be problematic and require you to reset the device to resolve the issue. However, there is no guarantee that I will start working perfectly afterward so you might have to call the Internet Service Providers for help. What’s next? A waiting period of days before the technician gets to you. Moreover, people are now moving towards the latest technology like orbi and velop etc.

Luckily, Smart WiFi routers have a simpler troubleshooting process. An outstanding example is that of the Starry Station router. The orb has been manufactured to change color when something goes wrong. You can tap on it to get details on what’s wrong.

So will you get a Smart WiFi router next time? If yes, which one? Looking forward to your feedback!