Yellow Stone National Park is the largest national park in the world. But now it is closed. because there is a lot of flood here

Heavy flooding in Yellowstone National Park on Monday washed away a bridge, washed away several roads and caused landslides.

Following which the authorities were asked to close the entrance to the popular tourist attraction and evacuate visitors.

On this matter, Superintendent Cam Shawley said in a statement that, "Our first priority is to clear the part of the park where we have had many road and bridge failures, mud slides."

"Apart from the north loop of the park, areas in the southern loop have also been affected. Officials will not be able to say how long the floodwaters will work and when the park will open.

Scientists say that without extensive study, they cannot directly link any one weather event with climate change.

Scientists further said that climate change due to increase in events like hurricanes, droughts, floods and forest fires cannot be ignored.

Flooding was triggered by heavy rain in southern Montana, causing water to flood the streets at Red Lodge on Monday. Due to which the traffic was affected.

Montana is dealing with problems such as flooding and landslides, while in the west hot, dry, and windy weather has been fueled by wildfires.

Now due to the increase, the National Park has been affected. The damage is being assessed right now. After this the park will open after the water recedes.