iOS 16 On MacBook

Apple has introduced iOS 16 with many major changes at the WWDC 2022 Event. Under this, many major changes have been made in macbook and iphone.

m2 processor has been given in apple new macbook. Its efficiency is 50% more than the m1 and the m2 can process up to 100 GB / s.

The starting doom for the MacBook Air is $1199 and the price is 1099 for education. Whereas the price of pro is 1299.

Through Stage Manager, you can easily arrange windows in macbook.

Stage Manager

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You can search anything in spotlight search. It will be on your home screen and with spotlight you can search internet or anything internal.


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Apple has introduced passkeys to further strengthen the security. In this, touch and face id have been given prominence. So that hackers cannot hack it.


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When there is a call on your iphone, you can see its notification on your macbook. You can also pick up the call if you want.

Call Receive on mac

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In the new macbook, you can use your iphone as a webcam. This will require a holder that will hold the iPhone above the screen.

Webcam on MacBook

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So now you must have known what you will get in the macbook coming under ios 16.

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Apple WWDC 2022 Event: Introducing iOS 16, These Big Changes in iPhone