This could be a good chance to get the latest PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo consoles.

We have a contest for you that can win you OLED for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

If you'll remember, Destructoid launched its TikTok channel this year, and our hosts Brett Medlock and Mary Stowe have been making daily gaming videos ever since.

It's definitely a new take on Destructoid, and we thought it would be fun to organize an old school contest - with a ridiculous prize!.

To win your Destructoid TikTok Challenge, you'll need to find the various characters scattered throughout TikTok (some of our past and future).

Here's how to participate

After searching, then using these hidden letters, you can create a mysterious word. e.g. a "person, place, or being"

Now if you're the first to submit the correct word as an answer to the contest announcement video on TikTok, and you live in the (USA) United States, you'll win all three consoles.

Players To date, there are four clues floating around Destructoid's TikTok channel, and on the way.

In two weeks, we'll post a new video telling you when all the secret letters are officially out, but it's up to you to settle the matter.

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