Tricks for capabilities your Mac may have that you were unaware of.  Check out how you can emojify your desktop folders

Emoji-fy your desktop folders Transform each folder into an emoji of your choice to make your desktop folder icons easier to distinguish (and plain more fun). This is how you do it:

1. Click File > New folder to create a folder on your desktop. 2. Look up the desired emoji on Google Images (e.g. "heart emoji" or "star emoji"). 3. Drag the desired image to the desktop.

4. To open the image in Preview, double-click it 5. Select the markup icon, which resembles a magic wand, click the image's backdrop to create a moving outline appear around it

and then select Edit > Cut to make the image translucent. 6. To create a box around the emoji, click and drag the markup icon once more.

7. To select all, click edit. Click Command + C. 8. Right-click on the folder you initially created on your desktop by going back there.

9. Hit "Get Info." 10. You should see your emoji when you click the blue folder icon and press Command + V on the screen that appears.

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