The US and South Korea have sent a stern message to North Korea by firing eight missiles at sea.

Eight missiles were launched by North Korea on Sunday. In response, the US and South Korea have also fired missiles.

Giving information about the missile, the Joint Chiefs of Staff of South Korea said that seven missiles were fired by South Korea and one by the US.

By doing so, the US and South Korea have sent a message to North Korea that we have the ability and the preparedness to strike immediately with precision."

As everyone knows, North Korea keeps testing missiles without reason and excessively. Many countries also objected to this.

Some experts say the new South Korean president, Yoon Suk Yeol, took office on May 10, promising a tough response to North Korea.

Recently, the US President and his South Korean counterpart agreed to start discussions on resuming and potentially expanding joint military exercises.

Since this talk between the US and South Korea, the latter has been firing missiles to show more aggression.

Let us tell you that such missile launch is seen as a display of force and is not aimed at a specific target. Missiles are usually dropped into the sea.

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