Ind. GREENWOOD — A mass shooting occurred Sunday afternoon at a mall in a neighbourhood just south of Indianapolis, killing three people as well as the shooter and injuring two others.

The Greenwood Park Mall's food court, which is located at 1251 U.S. Highway 31 North in Greenwood, Indiana, was entered by a lone suspect around 6 p.m. on Sunday

The guy then opened fire inside the mall, leaving three people dead and two more injured, according to the Greenwood Police Department

One of the victims was shot while standing right outside the restroom. When the shooter started shooting, he also killed another married couple who were sitting and eating.

Before the shooter was shot and killed by an armed bystander, 24 rounds had been fired and five victims had been injured.

The shooter was recognised by the coroner's office and the Greenwood Police Department on Monday; he passed away at the scene.

Jonathan Douglas Sapirman 20-year-old from Greenwood Investigated by Johnson County Coroner’s Office

Police initially characterised the suspect as a man in his 20s who was carrying a firearm and many magazines.

Since then, authorities have clarified that Sapirman shot the victims with a Sig Sauer M400 semi-automatic rifle. He also had a handgun and a second rifle.

Sapirman, the lone shooter, is said to have entered a washroom at the mall on foot, stayed there for an hour and two minutes, and then left, according to GPD. 

After leaving the restroom, Sapirman, who authorities claimed had more than 100 rounds with him, allegedly started shooting inside the mall.

What Sapirman was doing in the restroom an hour before the incident is unknown at this time. Police found 2 extra pistols, the suspect's phone, and a rucksack filled with ammo at the site

Several hours after the shooting, police searched the accused shooter's apartment. Officers went there and discovered a laptop inside a hot oven. In the oven, a can of butane was also discovered.

Ison added on Sunday that a customer at the mall shot and killed the shooter. As the authorities referred to him, the Good Samaritan was carrying a weapon.

Sapirman was slain by an armed individual who was identified as Seymour resident Elisjsha Dicken, 22. Dicken and his girlfriend were shopping at the mall when the shooting started.

On Sunday, police stated that Dicken was legally carrying a gun and was totally cooperative. The person who was lawfully carrying a pistol in the food court and was able to stop the gunman nearly right away was the actual hero of the day, according to Ison.

On Monday night, it was revealed that Dickens had recruited the Law Office of Guy Relford as his legal counsel and publicist. Relford described Dicken in a statement as a "genuine American hero who saved countless lives" on Sunday at the Greenwood Park Mall.