Two new champions are making their presence known in Marvel Contest of Champions.

There's a bit of a wait though since Hulkling is scheduled to drop on June 16 and Wiccan on June 30.

In Legacies, Nova and The Summoner have discovered a Skrull ship lurking around in the Kree territory.

According to the young wizard, they are looking for Hulkling who has been abducted by Ronan the Accuser.

For those not familiar with these characters, Wiccan is William "Billy" Kaplan.

Hulkling is Theodore "Teddy" Altman, a mutant with shapeshifting powers and super-strength.

A new miniseries is set to premiere this June 8 on Ms. Marvel.

To celebrate this upcoming release, Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) is joining the rosters of new and existing Summoners

Shee Hulk Official Trailer