On Friday, a lockdown was imposed at Sling Middle School in America.

This was done because a student at school suddenly said "I have a gun."

After this there was a stampede and everyone got scared, the student who gave this statement has been taken into custody.

The Washington Counting Sheriff's Office imposed a lockdown at Sling Middle School and began an investigation.

However, they did not find any gun in the school and from the student during the investigation.

But taking no less, a lockdown has been imposed in the school and the students and their families have been informed.

If seen, this decision of Sharif to go was right. Because some time ago a big incident happened in a school of text.

If you are not aware, then let us tell you that an unknown person suddenly opened fire at Texas Elementary School in America.

In which 19 children and two teachers lost their lives. After this, the security personnel there worked fast and killed the person.

It had not even been a week since this incident and now another incident has come to the fore.

What is monkeypox virus, whose cases are being found in other European countries including America?