Apple Watch Series 7 will continue to allow you to assess your blood oxygen level and get your heart checked with an electrocardiogram in addition to adding some new health features (ECG)

The recently released watchOS 8 from Apple also includes capabilities like mindfulness and sleep tracking. Lets see how effective the health features of the Apple Watch Series 7 actually are.

ECG App The ECG app can provide an ECG that is comparable to a single-lead ECG used by medical professionals, according to Apple's marketing materials.

The timing and intensity of the electrical signals generated by the heartbeat are measured during this examination.

Blood oxygen sensor and app The sensor measures light reflected back from blood using four clusters of green, red, and infrared LEDS as well as four photodiodes on the watch's back crystal.

The watch measures blood oxygen levels between 70% and 100% using a unique algorithm within the app. Your blood oxygen level provides information on how effectively your lungs are absorbing oxygen.

Apps for WatchOS 8's health Built-in watch technology for health tracking, including several highly useful health aspects

Mindfulness The Breathe app has been updated with fresh suggestions and visuals under the new title "Mindfulness." Apple says its purpose is to "concentrate, centre, and connect as you breathe."

Sleep You can track and enhance the quality of your sleep using the Apple Watch. It tracks metrics like time asleep, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and sleeping respiratory 

Workout Apple has Watch ability to recognise when you stop working out and when you start again. You will also get a 3-month free subscription to Apple’s Fitness+