A surprising news is coming from Coca-Cola that they are making a big change in their drink

A 60 year old recipe is finally all set to see some changes that might become a new sensation

The move is taking place as the reason suggested by the company is that it will bring out the benefit of environment

For almost 6 decades the packaging of sprite bottles is in green color but it will now be transparent

The present bottles has PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) which is resused in single produced items like clothes

Removing colors from the bottles will help in recycling the  bottles even easier

The company is also planning to change the logo and rebrand it completely

This whole move is to reduce the waste generated and give more emphasis on recycling

Although this change of bottles and logo will only feature in United Kingdom region as of now

Even the GM of Coca-Cola said that it is a small step that they are taking which will have a big impact

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