Warzone participants demand a sniper buff after noticing the reduction in Kar98k damage

Sniper rifles dominated Warzone, but the Season 4 upgrade changed that and made assault rifles the preferred class. Players of Warzone are calling for a sniper rifle

Recently, Warzone participants alleged that the Season 4 Update rendered sniper weapons "useless."

In the June 30 update, Raven Software boosted bullet velocity for the KAR98k, Type 99, and 3-Line Rifle by 4% and improved a couple one-shot kill distances for snipers.

Even though the NZ-41 was made less potent in the June 30 update, some Warzone enthusiasts maintain that snipers are still outclassed by the NZ-41 in terms of power.

Sniper weapons are divisive among the game's community, and a player submitted a clip on Reddit showing a headshot that missed an attacker at 40 metres. Outrage about the video was expressed in the comments.

"I don't have any sniper loadouts anymore because all the Sniper Rifles crap right now," one user retorted. The people in charge of this game really blew it on this one.The comment gained 236 likes, and a thread with over 70 mentions of gamers talking about related issues grew out of it.

"Instead, you get irradiated by a NZ-41 with no recoil; how fun!" said another. At least with sniping, you had to lead your target and had less control over the magazine's behaviour and rate of fire.

In the June 30 update, Raven Software reduced the NZ-41's recoil recovery by 20%. The speed at which the screen returns to the centre after each shot has been fired is known as "recoil recovery," according to the developers. The NZ-41's recoil intensity differs noticeably as a result of this change.

The change has left Call of Duty players dissatisfied, and fewer players are using snipers.

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