Beijing has imposed tough limitations, but Baidu is pressing ahead with its metaversal goals. The annual flagship Baidu World 2022 Conference's debut (July 21)

A virtual host streaming platform will be introduced by Baidu AI Cloud. These will enable round-the-clock, AI-driven livestreaming with hyper-realistic digital avatars

These avatars that can individually choose their own look, hairstyle, outfit, and setting. At the meeting, information about "mass manufacture" of virtual beings will also be presented.

By the end of 2022, the country's predicted market value for virtual humans would be $1.79 billion (12 billion RMB).

Hyper-realistic hosts are Baidu's most ambitious project to yet, the company has already shown that it is fairly knowledgeable with digital dimensions.

In order to build buzz, the corporation has undertaken a number of activities, such as hosting Dior's first-ever metaverse show, "On The Road."

Ma Yansong, the creator of MAD Architects, created and realised an interactive experience in the virtual world known as "Meta Ziwu" to display the collection.

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