Top 3 Antivirus Services For Securing Your Mac

As soon as you suggest an Apple user to install antivirus on their Mac, they seem to argue a lot or walk away straightly. But 2017 has been a tough year for the Mac users, as numerous threats have clouded Mac like never before. So it has been on the top of discussions as to which antivirus software is the best for Mac.

Antivirus Software

Does Mac Really Need An Antivirus Software?

Mac is comparatively safer than Windows because of two main reasons. MacOS is one of the Unix-based operating systems and hence it is sandboxed. This makes Mac an unhackable system but easier to exploit than Windows. And the lesser amount of Mac users may be the other reason that makes Mac a secure operating system. Cybercriminals don’t really target something that holds the lesser number of audience. But they can easily exploit a high-end technology like Mac. So it’s better to get an antivirus installed on your system to avoid future troubles.

Vast Security Measures Of Avast

Avast is undoubtedly one of the best antivirus software for Mac developed by Czech company. Around 400 million of the World population is currently using Avast antivirus for their internet security. On the basis of the central virus-scanning daemon, Avast is available in 43 different languages since 1988.

In order to download this software on your Mac, you need 128MB of RAM and 750MB of disk space. But Avast is a bit difficult to uninstall and this is the darker side of installing this antivirus. You will require a different uninstaller program that has to be downloaded only from Avast’s website.

Kaspersky Makes Mac Work Better

Kaspersky internet security is developed by the Kaspersky lab by its own research. Once you install this software on your system, you can easily eliminate spam emails, phishing, hacking attempts and data leaks from your computer. On the other hand, it has a different section that helps you do online shopping without being affected by any kind of spam.

Kaspersky’s strong parental control is something that deserves to be praised. Additionally, its webcam protection feature prevents the hackers to get easy access to your system. In order to prevent the websites to keep a track of their users’ online practice, it has implemented this feature. All things considered, Kaspersky Internet Security Suite has proven to be the best tools for the Mac users.

Secure Your Mac With Norton

Norton is a product of Symantec and is extremely useful for Mac devices. Norton works in the background of your system and fortunately, doesn’t slow down the performance of Mac. Its vulnerability protection feature protects Mac from the cybercriminals who are willing to use the weaknesses in the other software programs of your system.

This antivirus software also monitors your received emails and texts in order to protect you from data or money theft. Basically, there are many more features that are standing constantly to make Norton one of the best internet security software for Mac. At the end of the day, the choice is yours. So which one are you going to pick for our Apple device? Just make sure you pick the best one.