Dubai Airport Plans On Enhancing Passenger Experience With New Data Hub

On 17th April 2018, Dubai Airport and Siemens Postal, Parcel & Airport Logistics signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for exploring all the possible areas of collaboration for improving throughput and customer’s experience at Dubai Airports. They will be analyzing capabilities along with infrastructure for establishing a secure and standardized way of exchanging data at Dubai Airport. Among other things, MoU also covers the joint chance of pilot studies along with research and development.

Both of them will investigate opportunities varying from –

  • Predictive Asset Management
  • Maintaining Cost Reduction
  • Providing Efficient Power Supplies to Passenger Flow Management.

Why Siemens?

Siemens has a considerable expertise in the field of data, analytics, and technology – the three focal points required for boosting the service experience at Dubai Airport. Also, Siemens and Dubai Airport have a prior successful record of working together. This project will unleash the chance of another successful collaboration between for benefiting the customers.

How will the process be carried out?

Siemens will make use of MindSphere – a cloud-based open OS for IoT. Advanced Data Analytics and Machine Learning can help in deriving a lot of added value from the data. Data is something very important, Data Recovery Dubai is the one that helps in the data recovery part. MindSphere will analyze the various elements of airport technology for improving the overall customer experience. Latest technologies of data science will enhance the flow at every touchpoint, therefore optimizing the efficiency and productivity at passenger workflow.

For strengthening their digital presence, Siemens is planning to establish two MindSphere centers in UAE – at Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The Dubai Center will cater to the airports, cargo, and logistics to develop new and more innovative approaches to ergonomic techniques. While the one in Abu Dhabi will handle the process industries- focusing mainly on water, wastewater, oil, and gas. This will improve the operational efficiency, thus reducing the time of product access.

It is also committed to setting up 20 such global centers across 17 different countries. Each center will extend over multiple locations, specializing in a particular domain where Siemens is active. The joint venture is sure to bring a better flying experience at Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Central Airport.