Troubleshoot iPad Pro Problems: Solutions & Guides

iPad is Apple’s one of the most loved devices. It has won millions of heart immediately after its launch. The iPad Pro is a recent release with some amazing features. The iPad Pro has a 12.9-inch display, 10-hour battery life, split screen support. These are the features attracting the crowd to an enormous rate. But, on the other hand, it comes with a lot of imperfections too. Users are not satisfied because it is hampering the productivity of the iPad.

If you are already encountering the issue then get a hold of the possible solutions. For users who have still not faced any issue please ensure that you follow precautions. No one wishes to have glitches on an iPad

iPad Pro Problems

Let Us Look Briefly At Some Of The Problems iPad Pro is Facing

  • Shutting Down and Self Restart – Apparently, certain Apple support platforms have explained about the sudden shutting down of the iPad Pro.

Tap and hold the Sleep button for about 10 seconds. Check if you can see the Apple logo.

If you witness a crash while on any application used or while playing any game, then uninstall the application and again reinstall.

Get a factory reset or try to restore all your data and keep a backup.

  • Voice Echo issues during Skype or FaceTime – The simple fix is using your headphone. But that is not a total relief. If the problem continues you may face total sound system damage.

If you see that Skype is getting any issue but your FaceTime is working fine, then the problem is on the downloaded application. Try uninstalling it and check. FaceTime is Apple’s own video calling application that may not pose any problem.

  • Losing WiFi Connectivity  – Many users are facing this problem. Try turning off your iPad Pro. If you are using a router that comprises Mac Filtering, turn it off. The router has your Mac’s IP address because of Mac’s organization.
  • The Screen Tends to Freeze While Using the iPadIs the iPad Pro freezing the moment you launch an app? Does the screen become unresponsive? If it is a yes, then please make sure you follow some of these potential fixes.

Tap on the home button to bring the app switcher screen and swipe up and let go of the application which is restricting the smooth flow of the screen. If the touch screen still remains static, it is a problem needing aid. You can dial Apple Support Phone Number For iPad for knowing the solutions from the Apple Certified Experts.

  • The Struggling Battery Life – As we have seen the battery power is one of the best features of the iPad Pro. It has a roaring 10,307 mAh. Even after having such a power-packed battery, users are facing draining battery when it is on the charge or also on standby. If you are one of them, please ensure you keep these steps in mind.

As the screen size is huge, the brightness level affects the battery to a great extent. Try to reduce brightness when the iPad is not in use. Reduce the background app refresh, this is another factor in reducing battery life.

If you are facing a battery draining issue while the iPad is on the charge, it is advisable to restart the iPad and use it after you are completely done with charging.

It is extremely important to maintain your iPad Pro so that you can avoid these problems. With any device, there will be inherent flaws. Do not ignore them and if the situation demands, you can always contact iPad Technical Support. Expert advice is necessary so that we do not damage our favorite iPad. Hope this article was helpful to you.

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