Is it possible Scan Your Computer From Malware With Google Chrome?

The sight of unwanted ads, malware or pop-ups come into place if you have unknowingly installed an unwanted malware on your system. Even the most prominent browser like Google Chrome browser is spared from this annoying technical trouble. Although Google has always tried its best to upgrade the security of its web browser, still users get confused about how to get rid of the problem of malware attacks taking place in a system.

Google Chrome Browser

What are the symptoms of a computer malware?

Whenever you see the appearance of the following system ailments, you should consider scanning your system to troubleshoot them-

  • System alerts about a supposed malware or virus infecting the system.
  • Unwanted pop-ups refusing to go away easily.
  • Chrome extensions that you have not installed in the first place
  • Abrupt and unpermitted changing of chrome homepage.
  • Constant redirection of the browser to unknown pages or websites.

The pages you visit by clicking on any link while accessing any of the above points can bring a lot of trouble with your system.

To ease up the troublesome situation a bit, here are some trusted solutions right from the proven experts to work best in this context. You must know that Google Chrome browser has the capability of scanning your system to locate the malware in it. However, if you are searching for some easy way to make Chrome do the troubleshooting steps, then here is what you have to do-

The stepwise process

  • Open google chrome
  • Select settings option by clicking on the three dots situated on the right side of the screen
  • Choose the advanced settings option
  • Click on “reset and clean” up the option
  • Select “find”

After completing all the steps, you will have to choose the remove option to get rid of all the malicious programs of your computer.

The above steps are believed to work as beneficial in the process of scanning the computer for malware attack with the help of Google Chrome. If you are still clueless about how to carry out the stepwise process, it is better to find some expert help sources.

Alternate method

Another way to carry out the scanning process, by keeping Google Chrome browser in place is to be accessing the reset option. Resetting your browser settings can also make you get rid of the computer malware. Make sure to check for tools and extensions that you have installed on your browser. If you have not installed any but still seeing them making their way into your Chrome browser, then it has to be a malware.

You may also try the restarting option and if your computer restarts easily then press the F8 button and then choose the reboot option. This may also help in resolving the trouble and help in the cleanup process.

Check for all the related methodologies that can offer real-time assurance to make you get rid of the unwanted malware and viruses. Else, you can also get some traditional antivirus app that will automatically quick scan your computer.

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