Here’s What You Need To Know About Cyber-Security Trends 2018

I’m sure you must be thinking that 2017 was not at all that good for the Cyber security trends. There were so many cyber attacks that they witnessed last year including Uber and the most famous Wanna cry ransomware attack. Though there are numerous cyber security trends updates and patches, the attacks seem to grow more and more.

cyber security trends

Cyber Security Industry – The Beast That Is Rapidly Changing Every Day

The cyber security is the only beast that tries to build a link between the good guys and bad guys. You should be surprised to know that these cyber battles are increasing daily in a rapid manner that none of you has ever seen. The good news is the infamous Wanna cry attack made the media and Government cautious about the matter since last twelve months.

The combination of good and bad has created a great industry where change is the only constant. It has been the most controversial matter for the cyber experts that there are several new trends we are going to witness in 2018. Our main focus is to take you to the updated trends of Cyber Security. Hold on your curiosity about the Cybersecurity trends for 2018 and take a look at them carefully.

Any Idea About The AI And Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two exclusive technologies that have taken a different level to help you interpret data in such a trendy manner that none has ever noticed before. The focus of AI is not to make another virtual assistant like Alexa. Instead of that, it collects a huge amount of data that we create on a daily basis. After collecting them it finally comes to a conclusion. So, these two technologies can easily create a model that can predict future by using the data. On the other hand, the researchers can make their work much more efficient and develop newer changes.

Get To Know The New GDPR Regulations

The new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that come into action since May, will soon affect the 70% of the companies. It is aiming to change the technique of how the companies deal with their customers’ data. There is no way to know how deeply the regulation will be enforced, but the non-compliant companies will have to go through the high rate of fines and public-shaming. And undoubtedly, that will cause a huge fall in their share market position. It is helpful though in order to decrease the running of legal complications down the line.

The Talent Deficiency

The talent shortage is a constant condition of the cyber industry, but there is so much hunger for the specialization. You can charge a premium from your clients in case you have got a niche that you are expert at. On the other hand, the customers will also be looking for you as there is no absolute competition. Through this procedure, the companies will have to struggle a lot and expertise in their concerned matter to get the ultimate satisfaction and the customers will not be able to find out the top-tier cybersecurity specialists.

Whatever may be the consequences, the cybersecurity industry will always be the battlefield of the good and bad trying to play over smart with each other. The beasts will always look for the exploits and the angels will always hunt them and build the patches. Hope you like my this article based on Cyber Security Trends, Stay Connected Stay Tuned.